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Culture Transformation

Consulting Framework for Culture-Actualization

At Maslow, we work with leaders to build humanized, impactful & high performing organizations through a critical process we call culture-actualization. Culture-Actualization is when an organization can uncover and effectively use individual and organizational potential for a triple bottom line impact. To move towards culture-actualization, leaders play an instrument role in shaping organizational culture and role modeling the behaviors they want to see in their people. Culture and employee experience is the key competitive advantage of the coming decade, so we must create the opportunity to meet people’s basic needs, psychological and growth needs at work, which are the key indicators of this successful process we call culture-actualization.

Our programs connect the dots between individual, team and organizational potential, leading to culture-actualization in the 21st century workplace.

Our Process

Our approach to providing organizations the framework to sustain culture-actualization is methodical and robust.

We use our research findings on The New Hierarchy of Needs at Work and built a framework towards assuring implementation and behaviour change of leaders through coaching and building a culture of coaching.

1. Assess & Analyze

By partnering with our highly customized transformative consultative methods your leaders and people will become high performing, human centered. Through our own Maslow Culture Assessment (Human Needs Index) we assess your individual, team and organizational people challenges and identify the gap analysis. We are also thought partners in helping you choose a survey that best meets your needs, outside of our own offering.

2. Strategize & Align

Executive alignment is one of they key drivers to accelerate the culture-actualization process before we build your Culture Action Plan (CAP). The CAP clearly identifies the ‘From’ Culture to the desired ‘To’ Culture and ensure that the direction we are headed fits with the organizational North Star. During this process we focus on alignment, people, culture & leadership strategy consulting.

3. Empower & Evolve

Our unique approach to Executive Coaching brings together coaching for strategy, culture, and leadership influence. We have a unique synthesis on coaching that brings together multiple modalities, approaches, styles, and individual and organizational assessments, and we are not limited to a single approach in coaching. Our key differentiator is that we continuously coach for self-actualization and culture-actualization so that we are meeting the needs of people at work. We offer the following solutions to transform your culture through coaching.

Executive & Culture Coaching

We coach the whole leadership team based on the company’s strategic agenda of transformation, M&As, or growth. We assure that leaders walk the talk on strategy implementation or role model the culture transformation through our regular 1:1 or team coaching sessions.

Leader as a Coach Training Program

The Maslow Certified Coach Leader Program (MCCL), recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) empowers your leaders to lead without a title and power, but through influence. Our program is laser focused on coaching at work and enables leaders to have better career conversations, performance reviews and bring coaching into their day-to-day tasks focused meetings.

Leadership & Culture Labs

Our Labs are custom programs that bring cohorts of leaders creating opportunities for continuous reflection and dialogue, peer-to-peer learning, and experimentation of new behaviours. based on the agreed Culture Action Plan (CAP).

Strengths-based Coaching

Building a strengths-based culture and leadership practices contributes to both self-actualization and culture-actualization. Using the Gallup CliftonStrengths Assessment, we provide customized 1:1 leadership and/or team coaching to maximize personal and team effectiveness and performance

4. Sustain Culture-Actualization

Through continuous consulting, coaching, and training with accountability to drive the Culture Action Plan (CAP) forward, coupled with implementation and sub-culture management, our highly customized culture-actualization process is critical for thriving and creating real impact in the new reality of the 21st Century workplace. And we know that, the 22nd century is counting on it!