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At Maslow Leadership, we are proud to offer world-class leadership coach training programs for Leaders, Managers, and HR Professionals.

As a Leadership of Excellence focusing on coaching, we offer International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited coach training programs. We help organizations use coaching as a leadership strategy and build a culture of coaching. We exclusively focus on organizational coaching (executive culture coaching and leadership coaching). We coach and teach coaching with a focus on understanding human dynamics as it pertains to strategy, culture, leadership, performance, and transformation in an organization.

If you are asking yourself why you should work with Maslow Leadership, here are just a few points:

  • Our programs are recently developed with the latest research and findings.
  • Our founders are thought leaders grounded in both research and practice.
  • Our programs are ICF accredited.
  • We specialize in corporate coaching practices for Fortune 500s, large organizations, and Best Workplaces in North America.

Here is what some of our past participants say about our programs!

Great direct experiential learning within each classroom setting, which fostered and enabled us to build on our previous weeks learning into real coaching activity.

Brad Gamble, Assistant Dean, CMO, UBC Sauder School of Business

The experience has been life changing for me. I’ve grown professionally, personally, and made new lifelong relationships. The program clearly demonstrated to me that I am indeed following my own North Star. I am enlightened and thankful.

Debra Ann Kaltiainen, Sales Development Coach – MD Management Limited

Maslow Centre for Executive Leadership is aiming to become one of the best Coaching training center. After only 2 years of existence, there are not far off! A truly life changing opportunity to grow as a professional and as a human. So much wisdom!

Christophe Lefebvre, Strategic HR Advisor – Doctors Without Borders

My experience across both the Foundations course and the Leadership Training course is that the team at Maslow and the coursework that has been developed are exceptional. As a leader myself with decades of experience, and several additional coaching certifications — I still found this course incredibly beneficial, the wisdom shared by the trainers to be insightful and meaningful in my ongonig development, and the overall experience with other learners to have completely reinvigorated me when it comes to my development as a coach.

JP Gaston, Certified Coach, CEO and Podcast Host – The Biz Dojo Inc. Sr. Programs Manager – TELUS

This is a very good practical program that can significantly change your approach to leadership.

Jessica McPhee, Director, People & Culture – CPSA

All three instructors provided an environment in which every student felt safe and was able to open up and share deep insight of their life and values. The program is very encouraging to be yourself with all strengths and weaknesses we have as humans (and future coaches) . Great- keep going!

Ralf Holzapfel, Co Founder – HorseSense360

As it is with any organization, Maslow is about the people … and the people representing Maslow built huge trust with their credibility and genuine care of and belief in us as learners. This curriculum is outstanding. Grounded in science and the best research as well as brought together in a way that makes this very advanced course understandable, accessible, and immediately applicable.

Rebecca Hannagan, Co-Founder and Principal Advisor – True North Advising Group LLC

My learning with Maslow has reshaped my perspective on people development and given me innovative coaching skills to help people reach their full potential. Maslow is ahead of its time in providing transformative ideas and skills to foster humanistic leadership that honors and elevates the individual.

Sinden Luciuk, Vice President, Members’ Products & Services, Doctors of BC

Culture Coaching course gives you the knowledge and tools to work with organizations to manage and lead their organizational culture. An exciting step to realizing potential both for the organization and all stakeholders. The Human Needs at Work form the basis for the employee experience and the organizational culture actualization.

Benita Stafford-Smith, MCC

The Maslow Leadership Coaching Program, not only offered the best coach training and hands-on practice opportunities, but introduced tools and concepts that allowed me to get a deeper awareness of my way of thinking. The unique approach to coach training has made me a better leader and coach, and given me the confidence to use my new skills.

Deborah Viccars Director, Policy & Planning, Doctors of BC

As a person who loves to problem solve and suggest solutions, I was surprised at how quickly I was able to learn the skill of coaching someone in a way that they could come up with their own solutions.  The content built up in a logical manner but in a way that sparked creative thinking and outcomes.  I highly recommend Maslow Leadership’s program to anyone interested in honing their coaching skills. 

Angela Champ, President, Lean In Canada

Over the years, I have participated in many coaching programs. This coaching program outshines all of the coaching programs I have participated. The coaching techniques I’ve learned over the past years in no way compare to the “value-add” techniques learned in this program. The skill-building provided over this 8 week period is a wonderful learning experience. I would highly recommend this program to others. 

Rose Tomlinson, Manager, Learning and Development, Prospera Credit Union

Module 1: Foundations of Coaching has provided (me) an excellent opportunity to reinforce the foundations of coaching and practice and improve my coaching skills with an impressive cohort of participants from a similar professional background. These skills will be used in my everyday leadership, and I have also built my professional network across the country. 

Jennifer Forrest, Vice President, Human Resources, Pembina Pipeline Corporation

My experience with the Maslow Leadership was really positive. I grew in my coaching practice, and I have been able to apply these concepts at work. Not only in coaching conversation(s) but when I’m facilitating meetings and having one on one sessions.  

The program allowed (me) to learn the mechanics of coaching and provided ample opportunities to be coached and to coach others.   

I highly recommend this program to any leader or HR individual! 

Jennifer Leaman, Manager, Leadership Development, Finning Canada 

One of the best leadership courses I have ever taken! 

I loved learning something new every day and being given time to put it into practice in coaching with my peers. 

There are two things that Tim said during the course that will stick with me for years to come: “We need to hold our employees capable” and “Is it time for resolution or a revolution?” 

Roza Sabety, Senior Manager, Commercial and Retail Lending Services, ABCU Credit Union 

Module 1 – Foundations of Coaching was an exceptional learning experience with the Maslow Leadership. Tim and his team created a safe, well-curated, highly stimulating learning environment delivered virtually over the last 8 weeks that was one of the best programs I’ve experienced.  Taking a group of complete strangers from week 1 to week 8 through some deeply personal, courageous, intellectual conversations seemed effortless with Tim and his team. 

As learners, there was a feeling of generosity, support, and accountability created almost immediately that helped each of us learn the fundamentals of coaching.  The content provided was relevant, practical, and built nicely on concepts introduced in the earlier modules. The virtual delivery (via Zoom), together with the use of the learning platform (Thinkific), brought together a fine balance of real-time instruction, self-reflection, and a fun, engaging learning dynamic with a cohort of like-minded ‘wanna-be’ coaching practitioners.  Excellent experience overall – thank you. 

Marjorie Lewis Senior Leader, Leadership Development and Learning, Seaspan ULC 

I loved that this coaching program is based on Maslow’s teachings. The learnings and the practice were honestly transformative – I built a new muscle and new awareness of myself as a coach and leader. The quality of instruction is incredible, and the other participants were vulnerable in learning alongside me. I look forward to doing further training with Maslow Leadership and would highly recommend their programs to others.  

Jessica Young, Chief People Officer, Clearly

A very practical course on the foundations of coaching. I appreciated the practical sessions, which reinforced the learnings on a practical level. Great content, which I will use going forward.

George Mutendadzamera, Founder & CEO, Vula Unlock Consulting

Best Coaching/Leadership Tools I Use!

I have been working towards my ICF coaching certification and cannot say enough about Maslow Leadership. I believe they have created the best coaching training in the world. They teach skills in a very effective manner and blend theory with real coaching practice. I have been through many leadership development programs and courses over my 25-year leadership career, and this is by far the most impactful and useful course that I have ever taken.

I have been coaching people for a long time; however, with the skills I have learned in the Maslow courses, my coaching has been taken to a whole other level.

Whether you are a leader in an organization, have your own consulting/coaching business, or just want to be a more effective communicator and a better human being, I cannot recommend Maslow’s training enough!

Cal Misener, Chief Happiness Officer, High Performance Culture