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Keynote Speaking

Timothy Tiryaki offers Keynote Speaking and Executive Presentations for mid-and large-size organizations. He speaks at Leadership, HR, and Coaching Conferences and Summits.  

Keynote Speaking Topics: 
• The Evolution of Capitalism and the Global Culture Revolution 
• Culture Actualization: The Hierarchy of Needs in the 21st Century Workplace 
• What does it mean to “Humanize Leadership & Organizations” in the 21st Century? 
• Wise Leadership and Self-Actualization in the 21st Century 
• The Best Workplace Benefit: Building a coaching culture and Coach Leaders. 
Timothy blends three impactful pillars in his keynote speeches: his research, his consulting practice and storytelling. This unique style allows him to impart vision, insight, and inspiration to all participants.  
Research-Informed Insights into 21st Century Leadership  

Coaching is no longer just a tactical approach that you use for a single low-performing leader. It has become a key component of People and Culture and Learning and Developing strategies. Timothy’s research on revising Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for employee experience and culture has helped many leaders and organizations navigate unforeseen issues precipitated by the pandemic. His message supports leaders in understanding the changing leadership landscape and offers solutions for building both people-focused and high-performing organizations. The newly established Culture Actualization IN ACTION podcast has provided listeners with opportunities to learn from Timothy’s expertise as he discusses some of the best culture transformation practices with top leaders across large organizations.  

Topics of Insight 

From Products & Services to People, Culture & Technology  

People, culture, and technology are becoming the competitive advantages of the 21st century. Many executives are trying to figure out how to link business strategy with culture.  

How do strategy and culture work together? What does a culture strategy look like? 

From HR to People & Culture   

Human Resources, as a department, is turning into a People & Culture business unit. This is not simply a name change, but a philosophy change.  

How are companies transforming their HR departments? How are leaders at all levels becoming equipped to manage people and culture? 

From Change Management to Transformation Management 

Organizations are moving from change management to transformation management. Transformation is about accelerated change and coaching is often the “missing link” in culture transformation projects. Culture coaching plays a key role in ensuring leaders role model change, and that they are held accountable for acting on annual survey feedback and their culture action plans. 

How are organizations managing transformation? What are some of the best practices in transformation management? 

From Only Technology Focused Transformation to Culture Focused Transformation 

Transformation is most often understood as being technologically-based, and not enough thought goes towards transforming workplace culture. The critical component in making any transformation a success is remembering to consider culture.  

How are organizations managing their culture transformations? 

From Command Control Leadership to Leading as a Coach and Mentor  

The leadership paradigm is shifting from command control to a more coaching-and-mentorship approach. People’s leadership paths are becoming more distinct from the technical expertise paths.  

How are organizations designing and implementing these changes? 


Timothy Tiryaki Ph.D. (c), MEd., PCC is an executive coach and the founder of Maslow Leadership for Executive Leadership. 

Timothy is a global expert working at the intersection of organizational culture and coaching. He is the founding and managing partner of the Maslow Leadership, pioneering a unique approach of building coach leadership frameworks and “culture-actualization” to meet the workplace needs of the 21st century. Timothy has worked at large organizations such as Procter & Gamble, Intel and Index Group in sales, marketing and HR roles. He has coached C-level leaders and taught at Bogazici University Lifelong Learning Center, Global Knowledge Canada, and Simon Fraser University.  

He holds seven coaching certificates, is trained in multiple coaching styles and is currently writing his Ph.D. thesis on Wise Leadership for Organizations. Timothy has four published books in Turkish, including one on coaching, and he has worked with clients such as MEC, Telus, Aviso Wealth, Doctors of BC, Darigold, and Suncor. 

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