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At Maslow Centre, we research. We teach. We coach.  

We are driven by understanding Human Needs in the 21st Century Workplace. 

We wanted to get to know you, our contact and follower at a deeper level to understand your perspective on individual needs and organizational needs around culture and coaching.  

As an HR/OD professional or leader/manager, you have incredible power and play an active role in the culture that is created at your organization. As we know, culture is not about free snacks, or beer o’clock. It’s about fostering an environment where everyone unleashes their full potential.  

We’re asking you to join a conversation. One where we connect 1:1 with you to dive deeper and capture your thoughts and insights. It’s a continued piece of the research work we are doing on humanizing the workplace in the 21st century. You have the chance to influence the work we do at Maslow Centre for Executive Leadership. If you join, you will gain access to exclusive webinars and workshops for free! 

We will be offering exclusive fall and winter workshops and webinars on topics such as: 

  • Psychological safety as a human need 
  • Effective meetings as a culture practice 
  • Redefining your North Star

We believe that meeting with Maslow Centre will open a new perspective for you to discover gaps, have clearer objectives with your organization’s culture, and provide a space for best practice learning. Coaching is an invaluable tool, and with Culture Connections, we’re highlighting the power of culture and how communication through the coaching lens can help transform your organization’s culture! 

Join us by scheduling a 1:1 meeting with our Client Partner today; we look forward to diving deeper, together.