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Creating a High Impact Coaching Experience (CoachX)

Building strong Client Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) are vital to an organization’s success. Whether you are a leader using coaching or a professional coach, the same philosophy of experience creation is valid for a successful coaching engagement. 

 How can a coach create a successful coaching experience (CoachX)?

Here is our secret to creating a successful coaching experience at Maslow Centre for Executive Leadership: Creating a coaching experience is about cultivating our capacities to reflect, to relate, to embody, to experience, to create and to collaborate, which we remind ourselves through the formula (REC)2.

A good coach brings these elements into the coaching process to create an impactful Coaching Experience (CoachX): 

Reflective: Building awareness to look at a topic from multiple perspectives, cultivating an ability to stay between a situation and the reaction and working on our meaning making process.   

Relational: Cultivating relationality is foundation of true empathy, being able to understand and relate to another is within our human capacity but needs to be cultivated. Relationality has 3 main layers: our relationship with ourselves, our relationship with other human beings (and this can be split into further systems layers of family, team, organization, nation, religion, those that we see as part of our group and those that are outside of our group) and finally our relationship with other-than-humans (Earth, nature, animals…).

Embodied: Embodiment has 2 facets. First our body is a source of learning, learning is a whole person process. Learning to be present in our bodies brings awareness and even solutions to many challenges. Second Embodiment is also about role modeling while staying true to one’s self. 

Experiential: Creating steps, experiments, trials, pilots towards a vision and learning from this experiences is an important part of the process.

Creative: The whole coaching process is a creative process, helping one find’s their calling, their vision, their strengths and helping them move towards results

Collaborative: Progress never happens alone. Encouraging finding the right people, the right resources, the right help, bringing together people, working our ways through people requires collaboration and building an ability to create synergy with others.

As an ICF approved school of coaching, we build on the most recent ICF Core Coaching Competencies and teach how to develop a great coaching experience. We are building the Maslowian approach to coaching: coaching for self-actualization focusing on creating transformative coaching experiences for corporate leaders.

Our coach training programs, exclusively focus on corporate leaders, HR leaders and experience coaches and pioneer the changing leadership paradigm in the 21st century. We are also helping HR leaders build the skills to help them move into HR3.0, People & Culture Leaders.