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Certification Scholarship for Organizational Psychology Students

Certification Scholarship for Organizational Psychology Students (for Masters and Ph.D. Students).

Coaching is one of the most sought-after topics in the organizational world thanks to increasing evidence on its effectiveness and impact. McKinsey’s recent research puts coaching among the Top Skills for the Future of Work with many other skills on the list covered in coach education and organizational coaching programs. Some see coaching where counselling was in its first decades, with growing support, proof from new journals and publications, and reputable universities offering higher education programs, courses and certifications on this topic.

To support the growing literature, as part of our Research Centre Strategy, Maslow Centre is proud to announce Scholarships for I/O Psychology Students (Masters and Ph.D. level) who want to research organizational coaching. As pioneers in coaching, we encourage I/O Psychology students to experience our best-in-class program, get their coaching certification while developing research on coaching, leadership and workplace culture. Those selected to join will receive additional academic coaching and mentorship to support their research projects.

5 scholarships are available for participation in Module 1 & Module 2 ($5,000 per person) and 3 scholarships for Module 3 (+$4,000 per person) per year.

Applicants are expected to

  1. Fill the application form below
  2. Once you submit your application you will receive further guidance on emailing:
    1. Submit Proof of studies (registration, student card, etc.)
    2.   Letter of Intent on why you want to join our programs.

Other Details:

  • Application has no costs.
  • Application is open throughout the year.
  • Once you are accepted, you can join one of the starting cohorts within 12 months of your application.  
  • Please allow 2 weeks for evaluation.
  • Applicants are encouraged to join the Coaching Readiness Webinar.
  • Please review program details, dates before applying.

Expectations from Participants 

  • Writing a publishable paper and/or a whitepaper based on a co-determined topic utilizing Quantitative or qualitative research techniques. 
  • Based on Maslow Centre’s contributions, there might be a second or third author from Maslow Centre.
  • Researchers will be expected to sign a Intellectual Property Agreement where Maslow Centre will be able to use the research findings as well.
  • Papers will be incorporated into Maslow Centre’s ongoing evaluation and research of organizational needs in the 21st century.