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Why Work with Maslow Centre for Executive Leadership?

Over the last 30 years, a marked change in the way companies do business has occurred. Organizational charts, geographic reach of companies, supply chains, e-commerce…we could go on, but you get the picture. Actually, you are probably in the picture. It hasn’t been as much a tide turning, as it has been a tsunami hitting so many organizations.  

With all this change, the old school leadership styles and skills necessary to, well, lead, are becoming less and less effective. We need leaders now more than ever to navigate the turbulent 21st century. Leaders that bring out the best in their people and in their organizations. Executives that understand that the bottom line is triple, and coaching is a golden skill.

This is why Maslow Centre for Executive Leadership exists. We believe that there is a new leadership paradigm that leads to people focused, purpose driven, high performing organizations. Self-Actualizing Organizations as we like to call them. The way to evolving to become a Self-Actualizing Organization comes mainly from incorporating a Culture of Coaching framework.

We believe that there is a new leadership paradigm that leads to people-focused, purpose-driven, high performing organizations.

Here are 6 reasons to work with Maslow Centre for Executive Leadership on your journey.

  • Our founders came together with the shared belief that coaching has the power to pioneer change in the world. Through their experience spanning decades and over numerous industries, they have witnessed the firsthand effects of how the coaching mindset can maximize human and organizational potential. It was out of that shared vision to teach leaders to develop cultures where self-actualizing is possible that Maslow came to be. It is our raison d’être. Learn more about our founders.
  • We work at the intersection of coaching and organizational culture. What this means is that we approach each executive and each organization with an understanding of the practicalities of corporate life, the balances that exist in daily interactions and the impact of the current working environment. We are not generalists taking a wide coaching framework but use our own knowledge, experience and services tailored to benefit seasoned leaders.  
  • We are the only coaching program that specializes in corporate executive leadership in Canada and one of the few in North America. Our mission is to help executives become Self Actualizing Leaders, to work with companies to become Self Actualizing Organizations and to do this by incorporating a Culture of Coaching within each of our clients.
  • We have launched a wide-scale multinational research project “Project Dialogue” working towards understanding dynamics and setting benchmarks for Self Actualizing Organizations across many industries. Though we are experts in our field, embracing the spirit of Self Actualizing means we realize we do not have all the answers, but we are passionate about lifelong learning. Project Dialogue is an integral part of Maslow Centre’s journey in determining and evaluating what it means to be a Self-Actualizing Organization in the ever-evolving business environment.  Find details here
  • We have numerous coaching certification programs designed specifically for executives desiring to improve their skills in an individual basis. Executive Coaching, Culture Coaching and Leadership Coaching are some of the modules that will provide an excellent framework for a more dynamic, effective leadership approach.
  • We have many Custom Services we tailor for organizations that have the vision to start the journey to becoming a Self-Actualizing Organization. Consulting with our clients, we prepare a multilayered, multi pronged approach congruent with each client’s organizational needs and values. Learn more about our Culture of Coaching Service.

At Maslow Centre for Executive Leadership, we understand the power that leadership holds and in the responsibility this brings. We help organizations not only rise to meet the challenges of the current global environment but transcend them. Are you looking for ways to unleash your own leadership potential and your organizations? We look forward to working with you today, in the 21st century.