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Corporate Coaching

Today’s leadership paradigm is all about unleashing people and organizational potential. In order to do this effectively, leaders need to be deeply attuned to what is going on within their organizations. This includes how to influence and impact the experience of organizational culture. How to lead people towards their full potential, and how to do all of this with humanity and the world in mind.  

As a Centre of Excellence focusing exclusively on corporate coaching, Maslow Centre for Executive Leadership is working tirelessly to humanize leadership and organizations. Our Corporate Coaching Certifications are accredited through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and we love bringing together like-minded change agents to learn from, grow with, and generate impact alongside. We offer unique programs in leadership, culture, and executive coaching.  

Right now, a major opportunity exists to be at the forefront of this incredible movement to change the leadership and organizational paradigm of the 21st century. We are looking for the first 100 Maslow coaches worldwide to complete our Corporate Coaching certification programs and earn a coveted badge to our founding coaches’ circle.  

Being part of the first 100 has special meaning for us;

  • Quickly become an advisor and confidante. 
  • Be exposed to coaching projects and could even provide coach instruction down the road if that fits your passion.
  • Become part of an exclusive network of coaches brought together and connected as you start/continue your coaching journey.

What exactly is this paradigm shift?  

Previously, leaders were bred to not show weakness; acknowledging flaws and being vulnerable were not typical, or widely acceptable, traits of a leader. In today’s best organizations, the leadership expectation is moving towards a more self-aware, relational, human-centred, and courageous approach. The table below shows a number of the areas of shift that we are experiencing, observing, and further analyzing in today’s organizations. We call this the ‘From/To’ analysis of the leadership paradigm.   

table showing the shift from shareholders to stakeholders

Coaching is about advanced communication skills. It’s about understanding human and group dynamics better and helping people see and become their best selves (the Maslow term for this is self-actualization).  Coaching helps leaders become more psychologically-minded, helping them to better know themselves and thus, to be more equipped in supporting the journey of others.    

Why become a Maslow coach?  

To develop the coaching programs at Maslow, we studied the changing dynamics of the 21st century and interviewed many leaders to understand their changing needs. We looked at the corporate coaching certification programs already available and noticed a gap; there was not a significant focus on coaching both individuals and organizations towards self-actualization. This led to the development of our unique program offerings, including North America’s first Organizational Culture Coaching Program.  

Our work is at the intersection of culture and coaching. We research the changing needs in 21st century organizations and use coaching as a path to self-actualization. We have coached leaders in large organizations and now we are ready to share our knowledge with our first 100 coaches.  

Our Certified Leadership Coaching Program unlocks individual potential and focuses on skills, performance, awareness and identity; our Certified Culture Coaching Program unlocks organizational potential and is the missing link for Executive Coaches and HR leaders; and our Certified Executive Coaching Program is all about coaching for strategy, culture and influence.  

Join us and become one of the first 100 Maslow coaches in the world, pioneering coaching for self-actualization and the 21st century organizational needs. Join a community of like-minded, change-oriented coaches, and learn to have an impact on people and organizations that will forever inspire growth and drive potential.