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What is the next chapter of my (work) life? What am I reaching towards? How do I gain clarity on what I want next?

If you are looking for answers to these questions and want to coach with those questions, this is the right program.

This North Star – Coaching for Self-Actualization © program is a highly impactful and condensed leadership coaching certificate program and enables participants to use the North Star Framework© with individuals in 1:1 coaching sessions.

Participants will learn about the relationship between Self-Actualization and the North Star Framework, work on their own North Star and learn about effective 1:1 coaching skills.

The North Star – Coaching for Self-Actualization © Framework was developed by Timothy Tiryaki in 2007 and improved after more than thousands of participants went through the workshop version and 1:1 coaching sessions.

The North Star framework focuses on defining one’s purpose by working on 6 pillars. Participants will gain a better understanding of how to work on purpose, vision, values, goals, and strengths and explore the dynamics between these.

This framework is very helpful in career conversations; rather than focusing on titles or roles, it encourages building better self-knowledge and self-awareness to make more purposeful choices in life.

Participants will also improve their understanding of the theory of motivation and needs and build a stronger language to express needs, show empathy to understand the needs of others, and ask better questions to explore needs.


Part 1: The North Star Framework

  • Self-Actualization and North Star
  • Self-Coaching Workshop – Working on your North Star

Part 2: High-Impact Coaching Sessions

  • The Maslow Coaching Funnel
  • ICF Coaching competencies
  • Coaching Skills

Who Should join?


Professional Coaches

Career Coaches

Internal Coaches

HR Practitioners

OD Practitioners



Program Format:

  • 100% Virtual/Online/Asynchronous
  • 15 hours including video lectures, an overview of tools, and reflective activities


  • North Star Framework Visual
  • North Star Questions PDF
  • Maslow Coaching Funnel Cheat Sheet with Questions
  • Certificate – ICF CCE X Hours

Interested in North Star Coaching?

Register and start your training right away. This is an asynchronous course, and you can start right after you complete the registration.

Certification Paths:

Those who want to learn how to use this framework in organizational settings and use it with teams and a whole organization should consider joining the Executive Culture Coaching Certificate Program.