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What is the next chapter of my (work) life? What am I reaching towards? How do I gain clarity on what I want next?

If you are looking for answers to these questions and want to coach with those questions, this is the right program.

This North Star – Coaching for Self-Actualization © program is a highly impactful and condensed leadership coaching certificate program and enables participants to use the North Star Framework© with individuals in 1:1 coaching sessions.

Participants will learn about the relationship between Self-Actualization and the North Star Framework, work on their own North Star and learn about effective 1:1 coaching skills.

The North Star – Coaching for Self-Actualization © Framework was developed by Timothy Tiryaki in 2007 and improved after more than thousands of participants went through the workshop version and 1:1 coaching sessions.

The North Star framework focuses on defining one’s purpose by working on 6 pillars. Participants will gain a better understanding of how to work on purpose, vision, values, goals, and strengths and explore the dynamics between these.

This framework is very helpful in career conversations; rather than focusing on titles or roles, it encourages building better self-knowledge and self-awareness to make more purposeful choices in life.

Participants will also improve their understanding of the theory of motivation and needs and build a stronger language to express needs, show empathy to understand the needs of others, and ask better questions to explore needs.


Part 1: High-impact coaching sessions

  • ICF Core Competencies
  • Coaching Skills and the Maslow Coaching Funnel

Part 2: The North Star Coaching Framework

  • The Theory of Needs
  • Self-actualization and North Star
  • Self-coaching workshop – Working on your North Star
  • Applying the North Star in coaching

Who Should join?


Professional Coaches

Career Coaches

Internal Coaches

HR Practitioners

OD Practitioners



Program Format:

  • 100% Virtual/Online/Asynchronous
  • 12.5 hours including video lectures, an overview of tools, and reflective activities


  • North Star Framework Visual
  • North Star Questions
  • Maslow Coaching Funnel Cheat Sheet with Questions
  • Certificate – ICF CCE 12.5 Hours

Interested in North Star Coaching?

Register and start your training right away. This is an asynchronous course, and you can start right after you complete the registration.

Certification Paths:

Those who want to learn how to use this framework in organizational settings and use it with teams and a whole organization should consider joining the Executive Culture Coaching Certificate Program.