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an HR leader in an organization, or

being developed into an HR leader?

You’ll benefit from our culture coaching pathway. Designed specifically for human resources leaders like you, this program will prepare you to have a stronger impact and build a great workplace culture.

Your maslow Centre
Suggested Pathway

Module 1
Foundations of Coaching

Module 2

Module 3
CULTURE Coaching

Become a Maslow Certified and ICF Qualified culture coach in just 8-12 months!
*Module 2 is optional but a fantastic way to build leadership coaching skills for your team.

Why Certified Coaching?

As a leader, you wear many hats. Sometimes you need to be a mentor, sometimes you need to be a strategizer, and sometimes you need to be a coach. All coaching is not equal. Our program is backed by science and data, so you know you’re getting proven instruction that directly translates into results.

The data is clear: organizations that adopt a culture of coaching benefit from higher employee engagement. When compared with business units in the bottom quartile of engagement, those in the top quartile see:

21% more profitability

20% higher sales

17% higher productivity

70% fewer safety incidents

41% lower absenteeism

24% lower turnover and more

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