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Foundations of Coaching

Foundations of Coaching

If you are an HR professional, leader, or aspiring coach with previous leadership or management experience, our ICF accredited Foundations of Coaching program is for you!  Develop critical foundational coaching skills by learning how to have a coaching conversation that will empower and grow potential.

Our Foundations of Coaching (Module 1) Program provides participants with Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). This means that upon completion of Module 1, you will have completed half the coaching training necessary to become an Associate Certified Coach (ACC); if you choose to continue onto another module, you will have all the training hours needed for your ACC application. Additional requirements apply. Our enrollment advisors can answer your questions and help you plan your certification path, including how the completion of Module 1 sets you up to complete our Leadership, Culture, and Executive Coaching programs. 

Whether you plan to complete a coaching credential through ICF or not, your completion of Module 1 paves the path for taking our other modules, all resulting in Maslow Coaching Certifications.  

Upcoming dates

Foundations of Coaching- July 6th, 2022

New Certified Leadership Coaching Program – September 2022


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Module 1


*+$250 One Time Registration Fee

Module 1

The time commitment associated with Foundations of Coaching (Module 1) is 30 hours; 28 hours of training (over 4 full days or 8 half days), and 2 hours of homework. Our calendar will provide you with further details on how courses are offered (in person or virtual) and how the training days are distributed (back-to-back or over several weeks). 

During Module 1, you will:

  • Build a strong foundation of Maslowian Coaching, including learning about the ICF core competencies of coaching.
  • Be introduced to the Maslow Coaching Funnel©, which will help you understand and execute the flow and structure of an effective coaching conversation. 
  • Learn about three important methods of coaching: developmental, performance and skills coaching.
  • Develop skills to empower and grow your employees’ potential.
  • Be more aware of your own assumptions so you can focus on moving forward.
  • Become a better listener with a stronger presence.
  • Explore your potential and work towards your own self-actualization journey.

The program units are as follows:  

  • Introduction & Self-Actualization
  • Foundations of Coaching
  • Ethics & The Coaching Funnel
  • Coaching Skills
  • The 6 Faculties
  • Wheels, Scaling & Challenging Assumptions
  • Actions & Accountability
  • Full Practice & Closing

Become a Maslow Certified Coach

The Foundations of Coaching module paves the way to the other modules offering a certificate, such as the Maslow Certified Leadership Coach (MCLC) or Maslow Certified Culture Coach (MCCC) , or the Maslow Certified Executive Coach (MCEC) programs.

ICF Accredited Hours

This program is ICF accredited and will result in 30 hours towards increasing your current hours or completing your next ICF coaching designation.

Greater Communication Skills

According to a Salesforce survey featured in Forbes, Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to do their best work. Several skills associated with effective coaching are advanced communication skills. You will find yourself becoming more mindfully aware and proficient in the areas of active listening (including tone, body language, emotions, hesitations, etc.), powerful questioning, and direct communication.

Improved Coaching Practice

You will gain increased understanding, proficiency, and accountability associated with your coaching practice. This will result in conversations with your employees and internal business partners that inspire new behaviours and discoveries. This combination is known to create greater commitment and satisfaction in direct reports.

Growth in Confidence as a Leader

You will complete this course with more confidence in your leadership skills. Between new tools, new/strengthened relationships, practical application that includes constructive feedback, and a learning environment that is conducive to vulnerability and building trust, being positively impacted as well as encouraged in your practice as a leader is a guarantee.

Increased empowerment and engagement of direct reports

Increased understanding of the self-actualization process allows you to share the experience and work toward opening new and exciting alternative paths that lead to higher engagement in work overall.


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