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Certification Programs

Certified Executive Culture Coach (CECC)

Certified Executive Culture Coach (CECC)

Become a Maslow Certified Executive Culture Coach

If leadership coaching is about unleashing leadership potential, culture coaching is about unleashing strategic & organizational potential. Our thought leadership on Executive Coaching as Coaching for Strategy, Culture and Leadership is opening new perspectives for many coaches in the world. We are pioneers of this field as we presented at ICF’s Converge 2021 conference this new field of coaching as a result of our research and practice.

We have developed North America’s first Executive Culture Coaching Certificate Program, focusing exclusively on strategy-culture alignment and culture dynamics of large corporations. This program helps participants work with Executives / Senior Leaders in both 1:1 and team / group coaching settings.

If you are an HR professional, seasoned, or executive leader, or an accredited coach working within organizations, our ICF accredited Executive Culture Coaching program is for you! This program is focused on building the knowledge and skills needed for coaching towards a self-actualizing workplace culture. We focus on strategy-culture alignment, corporate North Star, managing employee engagement, employee experience, building Culture Action Plans and coaching through survey results.

The Executive Culture Coaching Program (Module 3) provides participants with Continuing Coach Education credits (CCEs) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). This means that upon completion of Module 3, ICF accredited coaches will gain 40 credits of supplemental and advanced education to upgrade skills and renew an ICF credential.  

Whether you require the CCE credits or not, your completion of Modules 1, 2 (prerequisites), and 3 will earn you the coveted titles of Maslow Certified Leadership Coach (MCLC) and Certified Executive Culture Coach (CECC). Our enrollment advisors can answer your questions and help you plan your certification path.

Upcoming dates

Executive Culture Coaching – February 17, 2023 online

Executive Culture Coaching – March 22 – March 25, 2023 in-person LA

Executive Culture Coaching – July 5 – July 8, 2023 in-person Vancouver

Executive Culture Coaching – August 16 – August 19, 2023 in-person New York

Executive Culture Coaching – Sep 15, 2023 online


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Module 3


*+$250 One Time Registration Fee

*For Multiple Modules and certification bundles, speak to our enrollment advisor.

Module 3

The time commitment associated with Executive Culture Coaching (Module 3) is 40 hours; 33 hours of training (over 5 full days, 4 days training + 1 day practicum day scheduled at a later date) and 7 hours of applied project work. Our course schedule will provide you initial details on how courses are offered and how the training days are distributed. Our enrollment advisors can provide further details around the structure of Module 3.

During Module 3, you will:

  • Build a strong framework and understanding of what organizational culture is and how it impacts an organization’s success.
  • Why it’s critical to align business strategy and culture
  • Examples of North Star Frameworks of Organizations
  • Why culture frameworks are not enough and why you need Culture Action Plans
  • Understand how to incorporate organizational survey data into coaching for culture transformation.
  • Learn to coach leaders and groups on organizational culture, including building and executing a culture action plan.
  • Asses real case studies and complete an applied coaching project to reinforce your learning.
  • Gain confidence in coaching for culture change.
  • Develop a toolkit of culture coaching resources in both 1:1 and team settings.
  • Understand what it takes to move in the direction of becoming a self-actualizing organization, including addressing the alignment of people practices to strategy.

Ideal Participant

Corporate leaders wanting to change organizational culture and build a great workplace culture.

Human Resources and Communications professionals with the ability to influence and inform culture Certified coaches looking to expand their knowledge and/or work within the area of organizational culture.


Modules 1 and 2, or 60hours of ICF approved training or ICF designations (ACC, PCC, MCC), or 15 years of corporate work experience.


  1. Understand the Executive World: Learn more about what Senior Leaders expect from coaches and how to best work with them.
  2. The Language of Strategy & Culture Alignment: Learning to understand your corporate culture and identify where issues exist, including aligning people practices to strategy.
  3. Self-Actualizing Organization: Understanding what it takes to move in the direction of becoming a self-actualizing organization and how utilizing survey data, action planning techniques, and culture coaching are critical pieces (and commitments) of transformation.
  4. Culture Action Plans: Learn how to facilitate and coach for building Culture Actions Plans.
  5. Applied Project: The capstone project associated with this program actually puts participants back into their organizations, taking on a specific culture transformation project. Participants will apply the skills learned to a practical case study that will also have a positive impact on the organization

Become a Certified Executive Culture Coach (CECC)

Become one of the first in the world to pioneer this new field in coaching and pioneer culture transformation.

ICF Accredited Hours

This program is ICF CCE accredited and offers 40 CCE hours.


Learn how to coach through any culture survey, how to develop a culture action plan, how to coach for career journey maps, utilizing human centered design thinking and establishing culture practices.

Culture Change/Transformation

Increase your knowledge on how organizational culture works and learn how to develop influence on leaders and organizations on Culture Change/Transformation.

Applied Project

During this program, you will be working on an applied project, with a real company/team and a leader, you will find, to practice your culture coaching skills. You will receive feedback from your mentor coach, get support and learn from other participants on their projects as well.

Like minded culture champions

Expanding your network of other outstanding organizations focusing on culture and people potential, ability to collaborate, brainstorm, learn with and from other participants.