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Certified Executive Culture Coach© (CECC)

Certified Executive Culture Coach© (CECC)


Employee needs have changed. Companies are struggling to retain employees. Burnout is on the rise, and well-being is low. Leaders feel stuck with poor performance among employees and need support balancing results and relationships. In sum: Leaders are struggling to lead with culture.  

Engagement measures developed 10-20 years ago are insufficient and outdated; previous leadership programs failed to build the necessary people skills. We need a new way of measuring culture and upskilling leaders for the post-COVID era. Leaders and Coaches need to equip themselves with the knowledge and tools to better understand culture. With this toolkit, they will bring awareness and reflection on how to lead with culture. Culture Coaches are essential to help organizations navigate the post-COVID transformation at work.  


Since 2020, Maslow Leadership has been pioneering a new field in coaching: Organizational Culture Coaching (OCC). OCC supports leaders and organizations to keep culture on their daily agenda, helping them build great workplace cultures.

At ICF Converge 2021, Maslow Leadership presented Organizational Culture Coaching, and our efforts towards creating a new ecosystem on this topic, bringing together industry, research, and coach practitioners.  

Maslow also delivered several culture coaching projects with Fortune 500 companies during the COVID-19 pandemic, which created an opportunity to develop and improve this field. 

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Executive Culture Coaching – September 15 – November 3, 2023 online

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Noticing the need and demand, Maslow built the world’s first Organizational Culture Coaching program. Our Certified Executive Culture Coach (CECC) program is intended to increase the capacity to deliver Organizational Culture Coaching and use the toolkits developed through research and practice.

The CECC program equips leaders and coaches with the ability to speak the executive language of strategy and culture, ask better questions, leverage the culture coaching toolkit, and coach leaders and their teams. The CECC program focuses on both 1:1 and team coaching and how to integrate holistic coaching programs to change the workplace culture.

As a Certified Executive Culture Coach, you will be able to:  

  • Understand and better use the language of strategy and culture 
  • Present your coaching services from a thought leadership perspective 
  • Facilitate a Culture Levers session to map your client’s organizational needs 
  • Propose a coaching strategy combining 1:1 and team coaching 
  • Measure organizational culture with the Culture-Actualization Index© 
  • Design and facilitate a Culture Action Plan  
  • Coach leaders and teams through the Culture Action Plan  

Graduates of this program will also become channel partners for Maslow’s Culture-Actualization Index©, a research-driven tool for measuring workplace culture and understanding employee needs. 

The time commitment associated with Executive Culture Coaching is 30 hours and +7 hours of applied project work.


Most coaches are familiar with 360 feedback surveys, personality and strengths assessments. We advocate that coaches need to equip themselves with organizational and teams-based surveys and indexes as part of their coaching. These tools will help them influence the system, and better understand context and culture. As part of our commitment to growing this new field, we developed a research-driven, empirically validated new tool: the Culture-Actualization Index©. The Culture-Actualization Index is used as an input tool for team coaching or with the executive/senior leadership team for the whole organization.  

The index is based on Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Alderfer’s ERG framework and relates those needs to workplace culture and employee experience in the 21st century post-COVID era. After two years of qualitative and quantitative research (incl. focus groups, subject-matter consultations, double data collection, factor analysis, predictive validity, and reliability studies), in partnership with St. Mary University’s Organizational Psychology Department, we developed a unique framework that brings organizational and workplace lenses to the hierarchy of needs.  

As part of our CECC program, you will learn about our main research findings and the changing employee needs at work in the post-COVID era. We will also provide you with exclusive access to our survey tool and guidance on how to use it as input to culture action planning and corporate team coaching.  


  • Professional Coaches  
  • Coaches that want to get into Corporate and Organizational Coaching 
  • Executives and Senior Leaders 
  • HR Practitioners and Business Partners  

If you are an Executive or Organizational Coach, working with medium and large organizations, or want to work with Corporations and Executives, this program will increase your knowledge on how to coach executives and senior leaders on culture and bring in a team/organization-based survey into your coaching practice.   


  • Describe three ways of leading with culture: culture as the north star, as operational fabric, as employee experience 
  • Learn about the theory of motivation and needs 
  • Define research-driven findings of the changing needs at work in the post-COVID era  
  • Use the Culture-Actualization Index© as an input to team and organizational coaching  
  • Design and facilitate Culture Action Plans 
  • Build Culture Coaching Programs: 1:1, team and group coaching integrations

The session will help participants develop a shared language and important concepts of the theory of needs, understanding self-actualization, and team actualization. Our insights will help executives, leadership, and team coaches better support their clients by considering the systems, context, and culture surrounding them. 


The Executive Culture Coaching Program provides participants with Continuing Coach Education credits (CCEs) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). This means that you will gain 30 credits of supplemental and advanced education to upgrade skills and renew an ICF credential upon completing this program. Whether you require the CCE credits or not, completing this program will gain you the coveted title of Certified Executive Culture Coach (CECC) and join the Maslow alumni community.


  • The Culture Levers© program (fully asynchronous, additional 3 CCE hours) 
  • Certified Executive Culture Coach program – 4 full days in-person or 8 half days over 8 weeks online 
  • CECC Examination  
  • CECC Certification 
  • Unique access to one Culture-Actualization Index© survey (single team) 

Become a Certified Executive Culture Coach (CECC)

Become one of the first in the world to pioneer this new field in coaching and pioneer culture transformation.

ICF Accredited Hours

This program is ICF CCE accredited and offers 30 CCE hours.


Learn how to coach through any culture survey, how to develop a culture action plan, how to coach for career journey maps, utilizing human centered design thinking and establishing culture practices.

Culture Change/Transformation

Increase your knowledge on how organizational culture works and learn how to develop influence on leaders and organizations on Culture Change/Transformation.

Applied Project

During this program, you will be working on an applied project, with a real company/team and a leader, you will find, to practice your culture coaching skills. You will receive feedback from your mentor coach, get support and learn from other participants on their projects as well.

Like minded culture champions

Expanding your network of other outstanding organizations focusing on culture and people potential, ability to collaborate, brainstorm, learn with and from other participants.