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Certified Leadership Coach (CLC)


Whether you are an HR professional, a seasoned leader, or an aspiring coach with previous leadership and management experience, our ICF accredited Leadership Coaching program is for you!

Build proficiency as both a coach and a coach leader by learning how to have an effective and meaningful coaching conversation that drives accountability and realizes potential.

Our Certified Leadership Coach (CLC) program is an ICF accredited Level 1 program and a direct pathway towards becoming an Associate Certified Coach (ACC). It includes the required 60+ hours of coaching education, 10 hours of mentorship, and an ACC level performance evaluation.

Our enrollment advisors can answer your questions and help you plan your certification path.

Whether you plan to complete an ICF coaching credential or not, completing our program will earn you the coveted title of Certified Leadership Coach (CLC).

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Our Certified Leadership Coaching (CLC) Program consists of the following components that can be arranged and customized to meet your needs, learning environment, and expectations.

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The Certified Leadership Coaching (CLC) program is not open to individuals anymore. Please connect with our enrollment advisors to bring this training to your organization.


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*For Multiple Modules and certification bundles, speak to our enrollment advisor.

Become a Certified Leadership Coach

When you fully complete Modules 1 and 2, and completion requirements, you become a Maslow Certified Leadership Coach (CLC). Become one of the early adopters of the “Coaching for Self-Actualization” methodology.

ICF Accredited Hours

This program is ICF accredited and will result in 62 hours(Foundations and Leadership Modules together) towards increasing your current hours or completing your ACC level of ICF coaching designation.

Greater Communication Skills

According to a Salesforce survey featured in Forbes, Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to do their best work. Several skills associated with effective coaching are advanced communication skills. You will find yourself becoming more mindfully aware and proficient in the areas of active listening (including tone, body language, emotions, hesitations, etc.), powerful questioning, and direct communication.

Improved Coaching Practice

You will gain increased understanding, proficiency, and accountability associated with your coaching practice. This will result in conversations with your employees and internal business partners that inspire new behaviors and discoveries. This combination is known to create greater commitment and satisfaction in direct reports.

Growth in Confidence as a Leader

You will complete this course with more confidence in your leadership skills. Between new tools, new/strengthened relationships, practical application that includes constructive feedback, and a learning environment that is conducive to vulnerability and building trust, being positively impacted as well as encouraged in your practice as a leader is a guarantee.

Increased empowerment and engagement of direct reports

Increased understanding of the self-actualization process allows you to share the experience and work toward opening new and exciting alternative paths that lead to higher engagement in work overall.