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Certified Coach Leader Program

21st Century Leadership SkillS


Why Become a coach LEader?

In the 21st century workplace, especially in the midst of the post-Covid era shifting expectations, needs, and circumstances, leaders need to build and strengthen a lot of skills that had once been called “soft”  but now are called human.  At Maslow, we deem human skills essential to becoming a successful leader improving the engagement and well-being of employees thereby improving productivity.  We call them coach leaders. 

We’re not alone in recognizing how fundamentally important coaching is today in the workplace. In fact Gallup”s most recent book The Manager (2019) shares “If leaders were to prioritize one action’ Gallup recommends that they equip managers to become coaches.”   Google’s Project Oxygen, a 10-year internal research into what were best practices and qualities of a great manager to drive continuous leadership improvement, shared that the number one best practice was a great manager was a good coach.  It’s one of the essential skills for future citizens in the workplace according to McKinsey&Company’s research findings (June 2021, McKinsey.com)

By learning fundamental coaching skills and methodology, our candidates gain an understanding of the more technical aspects of coaching.

Why Maslow Leadership Certified Coach LEader Program?

What Maslow Leadership takes one step further is that in order to be a great coach leader, one must also understand an emerging paradigm of needs framework in the workplace.  Adapted from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and based on our own ongoing research with corporations, our candidates understand the process of self-actualizing that unlocks the potential of oneself, one’s team, and moves the organization forward.  Our ultimate goal in teaching coach leaders is highly advanced communication skills with a greater awareness of fostering awareness of the North Star, the purpose, vision, values, strengths, and goals unique to each team member.  This is the basis for being a great coach leader to create a great workplace culture.

We focus exclusively on corporations and organizations, so at Maslow, we understand the many hats managers need to wear and guide our participants on transitioning into coach leaders.

What to Expect

By learning fundamental coaching skills and methodology, our candidates gain an understanding of the more technical aspects of coaching.  Through the introduction to the self-actualizing and culture actualizing frameworks, Maslow candidates understand how to unleash the unique potential of their team by understanding our Maslow at Work framework.

MCCL Prgram Details

The Maslow Certified Coach Leader Program (CCL)  is a 4-day synthesis of our Foundations of Coaching (Module 1) and Leadership Coaching Program (Module 2).  It is a customized program specifically for corporate changemakers.  This certification grants managers 32 ICF Accredited Hours. The program also includes at least 6 hours of 1:1 coaching and an option to add custom mentorship/supervision hours for helping the leaders truly role model strong coaching skills.

Program Outcomes

  • Build a strong foundation of Maslowian Coaching, including learning about the ICF core competencies
  • Develop fluency to the Maslow Coaching Funnel, which will help you understand and execute the flow and structure of an effective coaching conversation
  • Learn the different methods of coaching: Developmental,   Performance and Skills coaching that you can apply immediately in your own life and your team members.
  • Build the skills to unleash leadership potential through coaching.
  • Learn to have more effective growth and developmental conversations with your employees
  • Gain further clarity on who you are becoming as a leader and your North Star.

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