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The people coming back to offices aren’t the ones who left!

Employee needs have changed. Companies are struggling to retain employees. Burnout is rocket high, and well-being is low. Leaders are struggling between results and relationships and feel stuck balancing people and performance challenges. Previous engagement measures developed 10-20 years ago are not enough; previous leadership programs failed to build the people skills needed. We need a new way of measuring culture and upskilling leaders for the post-covid era. We need culture coaches to help organizations navigate the post-covid transformation at work.

This is where we come in.

We measure culture with the Culture-Actualization Index©, help organizations build Culture Action Plans©, and certify professional practitioners for becoming Culture Coaches. 

Measure your culture. Become a Certified Culture Coach. Build Coaching Cultures.

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Build a people-focused high-performing workplace culture

 Measure your culture with the Culture-Actualization Index©

The Culture-Actualization Index©, a new and evidence-based survey, measures Culture as Employee Experience and can be used for Teams or for a whole organization.

Our Index is a great input for culture transformation projects, executive coaching, leadership coaching, and team coaching. Our Culture Coaches can help you develop Culture Action Plans ©, and we can certify internal Culture Coaches to empower your team.

Become a Certified Culture Coach.

As a consultant, coach, trainer, or facilitator, are you looking to enrich your toolkit? Would you like to influence the organization’s culture in a strategic way?

Get certified on Maslow’s full suite of tools on Culture Coaching and learn how to bring the Culture-Actualization Index © to your clients. With proven toolkits, methodologies, and a research-driven culture index, you can differentiate yourself and help your clients build great workplace cultures. Help your clients measure their culture, build Culture Action Plans (CAP), and support them in implementation with culture coaching. 

If you want to become one of the first 500 Maslow culture coaches in the world, expand your toolkit, and coach your clients for culture transformation, join now.   

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Build Coaching Cultures, “Leader as a Coach” Programs, and Internal Coaching Programs.

Our research findings are clear, employees’ and teams’ actualization happens through their leaders’ coaching and mentorship.

Leaders and managers at all levels need to upskill their coaching skills. We need to help leaders develop high-impact, strong coaching skills.

With our Certified Leadership Coach (ICF-accredited coach training programs (L1)), we upskill and reskill leaders, language, abilities, and toolkits to conduct high-impact 1:1 coaching sessions at work. Our 2 days Leader as a Coach program is a condensed version and focuses on building strong coaching skills.

If you would like to build a coaching culture, train your leaders to become coaches, or establish internal coaching teams, reach out to us now.