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coaching for culture-actualization


Global Experts on Organizational Coaching.

Welcome to Maslow Centre for Executive Leadership

Are you a conscious leader highly aware of the need to transform and humanize your organization to survive in this new era but just don’t know how?  You are at the right place! We work with leaders to build humanized, impactful & high-performing organizations through a critical process we call culture actualization.  Culture Actualization is when an organization is able to uncover and effectively use individual and organizational potential. We have the framework and solutions to help organizations realize and benefit from this.

We are global thought leaders on Coaching for Culture Actualization, built on our research and experience in culture transformation. Our understanding of the human needs/employee experience at work in this era of constant change empowers leaders to become caring, empathetic, and human-centered.   

The three pillars of our work: research, teaching, and coaching drive our thought leadership and client impact.

  • Our research informs our work with unique frameworks & tools. These resources are then used to create great workplaces realizing human potential.
  • Our school of coaching empowers participants to become certified coaches through our International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited programs.
  • Our coaching practice accelerates culture actualization through our coaching and consulting services.

Thought Leadership On Coaching

Our acknowledged thought leadership in coaching offers new definitions and approaches to coaching. Our unique approach to Executive Coaching brings together coaching for strategy, culture, influence, and impact. We are also pioneers of the only ICF accredited Culture Coaching program, exclusively focusing on how to coach for culture transformation. We have a unique synthesis on coaching that brings together multiple modalities, approaches, styles, and individual and organizational assessments, and we are not limited to a single approach in coaching.

Our programs connect the dots between individual, team, and organizational potential, leading to culture actualization.  

This actualization of human potential in organizations is critical for thriving and creating real impact in the new reality of the 21st Century. The 22nd century is counting on it!